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As a GP with an interest in hypnotherapy I found this a fascinating book. I was fortunate to benefit from Paola’s teaching and her clear communication skills make this an easy read. Techniques she describes and teaches could benefit expectant mums both during pregnancy and beyond.
Dr Robert Overton, MBBS DRCOG

This book by Paola Bagnall is a very comprehensive and easy approach to the use of self-hypnosis in childbirth. The book will take you through all the tips that you need to know for a safe and natural birth. It will also give you an insight into pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period, and how hypnosis can help you in those different stages.
Lucia Montesinos, Midwife, expert in homebirths

A most useful guide that can help mothers-to-be to have an easier and pleasantly memorable birthing experience.
David R Hamilton PhD, author of many books including How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

The breathing techniques that Paola shares with you in this book are simply invaluable. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. She provides you with a large number of self-hypnosis scripts to help and suit every individual no matter what their experience, a wonderful CD that works effectively and efficiently – and much, much more. This book enables you to acquire skills not just for birth but for life.
Elliott Wald, Hypnosis expert, television and media hypnotist, author and speaker

Paola Bagnall’s method is revolutionary. It transformed my second pregnancy from dread to joyful anticipation and gave me a wonderful natural childbirth. Her empowering approach gives control of the birth process back to women, and minimises the need for medical intervention and pain relief.
Emma Johnson – a Hypnobirthing mum

As one of the first mothers who were prepared by Paola for a birth without any invasive pain-relief, I can say hypnobirthing worked amazingly well. I have no memory of pain but only that of a very enjoyable event.
Juliane Horn – a Hypnobirthing mum

In this modern technology-driven age it’s a relief to have straight forward, practical and reassuring advice on childbirth, and it works! I am so grateful to Paola Bagnall and her techniques for helping me to experience two wonderful and natural births.
Sarah Findell – a Hypnobirthing mum

Review By David Slattery in the Hypnotherapist Magazine, March 2012.

David Slattery is a Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as the Book and Music Reviewer for the Hypnotherapy Association

Of all the joys that brighten suffering earth
What joy is welcom’d like a newborn child?

Caroline Norton 1808 – 1877

If men had to have babies they would only ever have one each!”

Diana, Princess of Wales, July 1984

Turn on the TV these days and you can almost be certain that you will at some stage be presented with images of human birth, real and imagined. The picture is so often one of faces wracked in the most horrific of pains. It is a sound of howls and screams akin to the most terrifying horror movies.  It is instruments, alarms, panics, anxieties.

All too often it is, I feel, like a bombardment of negativity in all its forms that the programme maker can make about childbirth.  So often we experience, via the TV screen, the extremes. Every birth is different, I suppose, but the vast majority are without the trauma that we get to feel must accompany every single birth that occurs.

OK, I am a man, and the thought of giving birth would make me weak at the knees to say the least BUT I have to think that there must be a different way or presenting birth. After all it is the most natural of processes that we all have to pass through and as our author, Paola Bagnall says, “one that women’s bodies are developed for”.

Paola had become very aware that far too many women were being made over-anxious and stressed about the whole notion of childbirth from what they had seen on TV and from the often exaggerated accounts given from various quarters. For birth to be, dare I say, enjoyable, the woman needs to be as free of tension as possible, and actually feel secure enough to be able to experience the ability of being able to relax through the proceedings.

If a woman just has the ability to think of pain that is more than likely just what she will experience. Paola decided that, with the intervention of hypnotherapeutic techniques, this could be turned round completely and the birth experience could be made far more positive than would-be mums felt it ever could be.  Paola’s aim in writing this book, was to put over the case for mothers-to-be, that the experience could be an empowering one where the woman could have real influence, in a positive way, on the way that the experience unfolded.

Key words were now to include “calm”, “relaxed”, “stress-free”, “in control” and “positive”.

Paola is determined to help mothers-to-be experience giving birth, not as one of pain and trauma and stress, but as exciting and full of pleasure, which the creation of a new life should be.

All through the book Paola sets out to put each and every item into perspective, and every stage is explained with care and understanding in very clear, non-jargonised English. It is a book, which is immensely readable and immensely easy to read. Illustrations, too, are very clear and excellent in their work at helping the reader understand and feel comfortable with the material under discussion.

Every step, every process, every procedure is explained calmly and clearly – the techniques of an excellent and effective teacher in use throughout. No attempt to blind with science. Just an honest attempt to calmly inform and comfortably support. The reader is helped to focus on the positive and the hypnotherapy worked with the patient is one of calm, relaxed focus, with excellent sections on how to breathe properly (which is of use in a wide variety of situations as well as childbirth).  Her hypnotherapy scripts are clear and concise and seem to cover every eventuality.

The accompanying CD is a joy to experience. It is effective and efficient. It is clear and calming. It is totally positive and engagingly so.

So much of what one reads within the pages of this book will be so encouraging to the prospective mum, I feel. You have the real feeling, NO, the real knowledge that the woman does have the ability to be able to control to a great extent her birthing experience.  Medical intervention can be kept at a minimum.  Pain relief can be incredible. As one mother said, “ I have no memory of pain but only that of a very enjoyable event!

It is not only a book for first time mothers, either. Emma Johnson said “ It transformed my feelings about my second pregnancy from dread to joyful anticipation and gave me a wonderful natural childbirth. This reassuring book is remarkable.

It deserves a place in every GP’s surgery and should be readily available for all mothers to be at maternity units and Health centres  It is not just a useful guide but is a work of sheer inspiration and genius. The market place has been waiting for such a work as this for a long time! I feel honoured to have been asked to review this book and feel certain that it has the potential of being an outstanding success for the author and an outstanding benefit and support for all who read it as they begin their journey into the whole experience of childbirth

“Hypnosis helps you connect to your inner resources, your inner power, to remain calm, relaxed and in control”.

Mums to be!! This is a must have!

Review by Katharine Graves founder of The Hypnobirthing Centre UK

Birth made easy by Paola Bagnall is a new and important addition to the books on the subject of hypnobirthing.  The book is clear and extremely informative.  It is easy to read and packed with information.  Pregnant women will enjoy it and find it extremely useful in their preparation for birth, and hypnotherapists will also find in it a useful tool in developing their hypnobirthing practices.  The range of topics she covers is impressive, and I would highly recommend it.

Debora Maloney, bought my book and sent me an email

Hi Paola

Thank you for writing the book as it is concise, very informative and an easy read for both Mum’s and Dad’s.  I enjoy the time I spend listening to the CD very much.

Best wishes


Caroline Bennett, Sydneham, Kent – used my book BIRTH MADE EASY and its free CD for her 3rd baby 10.11.2012 and sent me this email

Hi Paola

I feel that your book definitely helped me…I started listening to it much earlier than the personal one you did for me when I was expecting my second child, because I did not hear about you until late on and my visit to you was, I think, post 30 weeks. That birth was very easy too really, not pain free but fear free.

This one was quite unusual, I think, maybe you have other clients who reported similar and my friend Alita (who used your technique shortly after me) said hers was pretty much pain free, but I can only understand now what she probably meant by that, it did not seem possible to me before.

The pain was bearable I think the first time and because it was not a long labour and only really full-on for the last hour and a half. This time it felt like early labour until the midwives arrived (8cms) and then the pressure felt a bit stronger, but I was breathing through it all with no moaning of groaning or feelings of it overwhelming me and it did not increase in intensity after that. In fact when I got into the pool I wondered how the baby was going to get out at all because it did not feel like enough was happening!

My midwife said the contractions seemed to be 5 minutes apart all the time they were here and longer than usual about at 50 seconds. She felt that my body was trying to keep it calm to protect itself because of the blood pressure etc, which is a nice thought….

Thank you so much. I tell anyone I can think of about you….

Best wishes

Caroline Bennett

Melanie Willis, Haughton, Louisiana, USA, had her second baby, November 2012, using my book BIRTH MADE EASY, and the free CD that comes with the

book, after a negative first time experience

 Melanie sent me this testimonial 22.2.2013 via Facebook

Hi Mrs. Bagnall

I searched for a hypnobirth book on amazon kindle and found your Birth Made Easy first. I downloaded it and read it and listened to the MP3 track for the book from your website every night for my last trimester. I found hypnosis and meditation to come easy to me. I listened to your mp3 during my 11-hour labor and your voice guided me through every contraction, like a labor coach. I remained in hypnosis the entire time actually sleeping between my 2-minute apart contractions. I had a successful natural child birth without fear and full of peace, thanks to you. Thank you so very much, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I learned how to trust my body and not to be afraid.

Melanie Willis.

E I, Perth, Australia, had her first baby July 21st 2013, using my book BIRTH MADE EASY and its free CD.  She put this review on Amazon. Please note that the Kindle version does also come with a free CD as there is a link in the book to download it

I just had my baby, on 21 July 2013. Today is Day 5. I would just like to say that this is without doubt the BEST $20 I have spent in my life. I had an incredible birthing experience, completely free of any drugs/synthetic hormones/TENS machine. I didn’t even use a heat pack or the bathtub as your methods allowed me to simply visualise the relief. I also used active birthing, i.e. I delivered in a kneeling position. I also followed your advice on perineal massage. My perineum is completely intact, and I was up and about right after skin-to-skin contact and the first breastfeed. My baby is so calm and contented as well; I am sure that your pregnancy methods that I used while practising with your CD had a significant part in this, as I have had an extremely stressful pregnancy. I feel my incredible childbirth experience has really empowered and prepared me for motherhood. The midwives and doctors in the hospital said it was the calmest birth they’ve ever seen, and a nurse took a photo of my book! The female body is designed to give birth, we forget that in these days and time. Thank you, Paola, for reminding us.

Click here to see the review on Amazon

Paula Whyte, UK – had her 3rd baby 4.2.2014, using my book BIRTH MADE EASY, which she got from Kindle with the Free MP3 download

This was my 3rd pregnancy & I was scared of labour. I read this book & listened to the audios, which relaxed me more than I could ever have hoped. In my 1st stage I listened to the audio file over & over. I even repeated the affirmations during my transition stage. There were even some contractions that I managed to smile through. This book was my bible antenatally & postnatally. The dextrose recommendation was fantastic. Paola knows her stuff & that made me feel confident. I gave birth without pressure relief using the hypnobirthing methods & a TENS machine. This book really made birth easier & I could not recommend it enough. Thank you Paula Whyte

Veronica Roberts,  Michegan, USA, bought my book for her second baby, and sent me this email 14.1.2015

Hi, friend! I hope that this finds you well.
I wanted to thank you again for your book, CD, and kind written words. They’ve been like a rocket boost for my confidence, as well as much-needed assistance in reducing stress and fear many times over thus far.
I’ve been able to keep my heart rate about 20 bpm lower when exercising, and have been able to better deal with my son’s “twos”. Overall, I feel so much more centered, and… alive.
I very much am looking forward to this birth. (Such a change!) I wanted to pass along to you how much it means to me to have connected with you, and that you’ll be a part of our birthing experience across the pond!

Verna Eugene-Alcide, St Lucia, West Indies, was booked in for a C-Section for her first baby as it was breech.  However, using the Inner Power Hypnobirthing techniques as described in my book the baby moved! This is her message to me 5.12.2015. I now look forward to her birth story.

So excited. Just when I had a date set for my c-section, I was rushed to hospital with unbearable pain. That pain was the baby turning into the birth canal headfirst. I am no longer scheduled for surgery and can now carry full-term hopefully, but being closely monitored. Thanks to your book and audio… Just imagine I am not even done reading. I now also sleep peacefully at nights and as a result wake up rested and ready for every new day.

Verna sent me her birth story by email 6.2.2016

Happy New Year, I know it’s a bit late though. Baby was born on January 19th. I was sent to the hospital by my doctor, for induction of labor, after reaching 41 weeks and 4days. However, just a few hours before the process was supposed to be started by the doctor, I went into active labor. (I was already two centimeters dilated for an entire week with some very small contractions). In about 11hrs, everything came to an end with my princess Kivern Theresa Arabella Alcide being placed in my arms for the very first time.
In the beginning I was a little frightened but quickly remembered what I had read in your book and put it into practice. Even the nurses didn’t believe I was in active labor because I kept having fun with everyone.
Sadly, my husband was not with me because it is not allowed in St. Lucia. Once I was ready to push, my waterbag had to be ruptured for me, baby was then out with five pushes no tearing or problems because I had practiced over and over.
I must commend you on this book. It is really a life-saver for expectant moms. It just helps make the experience a lot more easier and pleasant.
I now have wonderful memories after a difficult pregnancy. And not forgetting getting past a C-section, an induction and having a normal, medication free, natural delivery.
So from my family to you, we are eternally grateful. Thank you so much Paola.
Love, Verna